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2021 Hurricane Ida Disaster Response and Recovery Fund


In response to Hurricane Ida, which made landfall on Sunday August 29th 2021, Bright Funds has established the Hurricane Ida Disaster Response and Recovery Fund. This fund is comprised of pre-vetted nonprofits providing disaster response in the region. Through a single tax deductible donation to the Fund, you can support multiple organizations’ initiatives to provide short-term and long-term response and recovery. We have initially selected organizations that are on the ground assisting with immediate relief needs, including rescue efforts, medical assistance. The composition of nonprofits in this fund is subject to change as we learn more about the needs on the ground. Photo Credit: Bryan McGowan

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All Hands and Hearts

All Hands and Heart had stationed their Disaster Assessment Response Team (DART) in Beaumont, Texas on August 27 in preparation and will start moving towards the impacted areas to assess the damage and response needs once the storm has cleared. They are prepared to respond immediately to Hurricane Ida and launch a program of volunteers and staff to support the impacts. They anticipate the initial need to include chainsaw work, roof tarping, mucking and gutting, and mold sanitizing. Due to the five named storms that made landfall in Louisiana in 2020, All Hands and Hearts has an established program base in the area and will utilize the team there to initially assess the situation on the ground, bringing in additional response assessment resources as needed.

Direct Relief

Direct Relief has a long history of responding to hurricanes along the U.S. Gulf Coast, including Hurricane Katrina. Medical aid is already in the region, and the organization has prepositioned 17 Hurricane Preparedness Packs with partner facilities in areas expected to be impacted by the storm. The caches include medications and medical supplies commonly requested after disasters, including prescription medications for diabetes and hypertension. Direct Relief staff members have also been in communication with Primary Care Associations in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida to coordinate any needed emergency response efforts. As of Sunday, more than 200 health care partners throughout expected impact areas had been notified about the availability of emergency support from Direct Relief.

Save the Children

Since 2005, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Save the Children been on the front lines meeting children’s most critical needs in every major U.S. disaster. They have created more safe spaces for children in emergencies than any other humanitarian organization. To date, they have served more than 3.5 million children affected by U.S. disasters. As one of the most powerful storms on record to hit Louisiana, Hurricane Ida has putting children at great risk and taking many of them from the lives they once knew. Save the Children’s emergency response team is mobilizing to meet the most urgent needs of children living in areas that will be hardest hit by Hurricane Ida.

World Central Kitchen, Inc.

Chef José Andrés and his teams from World Central Kitchen are already on the ground ready to prepare over 100,000 meals for those who will be effected. "Tomorrow morning as soon as it is safe our teams will go out and start making meals and delivering to the different places that will be in need to do that ... We need to be planning ahead not only for the days but for weeks."

2021 Hurricane Ida Disaster Response and Recovery Fund

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