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Mission and strategy
Dementia affects more and more people. 1 in 5 people develop dementia Currently,
290,000 men and women in the Netherlands have Alzheimer's disease or another form
of dementia. By 2040, this number will have risen to over half a million. Alzheimer
Nederland wants to work together with as many others as possible.
Our mission
We must prevent or cure dementia. Until then, we are committed to improving the
quality of life of people with dementia and their environment.

Objectives and strategy
Dementia is a public health disease, and realizing our mission is a major, complex
challenge. This requires clear objectives and a broad long-term strategy.
Goals Alzheimer Netherlands:
Bringing closer the future in which dementia can be prevented or cured
We do this by investing in scientific research and by providing information about the
risks of dementia and options for prevention.
Improving the quality of life of people with dementia and their environment
We promote better care through advocacy and offer people with dementia and their
carers help, support and information. We also support research that focuses on the
quality of life of people with dementia and their environment.
Inspire as many people as possible and mobilize resources to overcome dementia
We do this by recruiting donors and collecting money and through clear communication
and information about our work.
Establishing our organization well as a pivot in the collaboration on dementia
This objective is reflected in all our work and the way we act as an organization.
National Strategy Dementia
Alzheimer Nederland is a health fund and a patient organisation. By properly
combining these roles, we can optimally carry out various activities. We do this on the
basis of our National Strategy for Dementia. This multi-year strategy focuses on all
essential areas: society, support, care, prevention and research and connects these.

Alzheimer fund Franklin

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