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Bring back life to village Boraie - India Fund

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Help bring back life to people at Boraie village, Rajasthan, India by supporting this project. Water scarcity has taken a huge toll on villages. In absence of water people face hardships. Many women walk miles daily to fetch water for daily use. Many farmers struggle with farming. Families are forced to pick up alternative livelihoods in nearby cities. Villages are abandoned. Boraie is such a village. Project Oasis is focused on developing self-sustained water resources for water desperate villages in India. By identifying strategic locations with scientific research and local expertise, check dams are built for the villages to ensure year-round availability of water sourced by rainwater harvesting techniques. Reviving Boraie is part of Project Oasis. Boraie is evaluated as a high impact site, where by building a checked dam farmers can have access to water supply throughout the year. A checked dam harvests/preserves rainwater during monsoon, then let it flow away. This collected water goes underground replenishing all wells in the area. In good monsoon the dam will hold 4,03,571 cft = 1,13,00,000 crore litres of water. Each village is unique. At Boraie the planned checked dam is named Aatamni Khalli . This campaign targets funding of $6000 for the purpose of this dam. With checked dam built, following impact is expected at Boraie: --145 families, totaling 1160 people will get access to water throughout the year. --320 migrant/displaced workers will reverse migrate to the village to pick up farming again. --529 Acres of new irrigable land will be generated. --290 new employment opportunities will be generated.
Bring back life to village Boraie - India Fund

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