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Contact With Bulgarian Nature for Kids with Disabilities Fund

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We believe that being different is not a disadvantage, but an advantage and an opportunity. Difference is a unique feature of children, adults, and other living beings. But to see him without fear, you have to befriend him. One of our ways of discovering the diversity of the children in our care is to provide them with constant contact with nature. To discover and to see the beauty, to enjoy and calm. We know from our experience that they adore the mountain, with its coolness and walks in the forest, and the sea, which fills them with countless good experiences. Nature, silence, sun, and accumulated emotions during their camps contribute to the peace and enjoyment of their holidays. The stories about the moments experienced in nature is proof that even children with disabilities, whose most of their lives have passed in specialized institutions, can be happy, fulfilled and continue to develop. Through your support, we will provide the next holiday for 36 children and young people with disabilities and mental suffering, so that we can continue to provide them with the emotion of contact with nature and its tranquility, to develop their senses and sensitivity. Financial goal: 10 000 USD (36 kids * 278 USD)

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