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The Education Fund is a collection of innovative nonprofits working in United States and around the world to help improve the quality and accessibility of education. The national nonprofits in our fund address literacy, school readiness, school reform, curricular content development and helping turn around low-performing school. The international organizations focus on building schools and training teachers and developing programs for vocational skills.

Your Donation Supports

New Leaders

New Leaders works to ensure high academic achievement for all children, especially students in poverty and students of color, by developing transformational school leaders and advancing the policies and practices that allow great leaders to succeed.

Teaching Matters, Inc.

Teaching Matters’ aim is to develop and retain great teachers, and measurably increase their ability to give students in urban public schools an excellent education.

KIPP Foundation

The mission of the KIPP Foundation is to create a respected, influential, national network of public schools that are successful in helping students from educationally underserved communities develop the knowledge, skills, character, and habits needed to succeed in college and the competitive world beyond.

Safe Passage

Within a safe and caring environment, Safe Passage provides a comprehensive and integrated program that fosters hope, good health, educational achievement, self-sufficiency, self esteem and confidence.

Youth Speaks Inc

Youth Speaks works to shift the perceptions of youth by combating illiteracy, alienation, and silence, creating a global movement of brave new voices bringing the noise from the margins to the core. We create safe spaces that empower the next generation of leaders, self-defined artists, and visionary activists through written and oral literacies.

Technovation (formerly Iridescent)

Technovation’s mission is to empower girls and their families to use mobile and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to tackle real-world problems in their communities.

How your support helps

Excellent Educators
Quality teachers are the lifeblood of a strong educational system. Educators have the potential to transform the lives of their students. Yet, more often than not, great teachers often do not have access to the kind of support they need to be as effective as possible. These organizations focus on recruiting, training and supporting top-notch educators to ensure that students are learning from the best.
Accessible Education
Millions of children around the world are still not enrolled in school. In the U.S., the cost of higher education can be discouragingly high, prohibiting some of our nations brightest minds from reaching their full potential. These organizations are working to provide students around the world with the opportunity to receive an education--whether it is a first grader in India or an aspiring chemical engineer in the U.S.
Developing Quality Curriculum and Programs
Nonprofits in this group are shaking up the education establishment and building a new model for providing high quality education. Improving the content of school curricula, exploring effective methods for teaching, and developing innovative programs to help students achieve success are all critical to providing students with the best education possible.
Resources and Infrastructure
Classrooms stocked with textbooks, paper and pencils are essential to a quality education. School supplies like microscopes and computers are critical tools that enable students to learn. Yet, many schools in the U.S. and abroad lack the fundamental resources critical to providing an excellent education. These select nonprofits work to bring much needed supplies and infrastructure to schools across the United States and around the globe.

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Improve Education Fund

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Your $5.00
can provide 1 book for Safe Passage’s Library: Safe passage provides education programs for children living in extreme poverty around the Guatemala City’s garbage dump.
Your $250.00
equals school fees, a backpack, textbooks, and school uniform for 1 child enrolled in school through Safe Passage.
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