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Thousands of sea turtles die from dangerous migrations on the high seas every year. Fraught with jeopardy, some must swim as far as 1,250 miles to reach their nesting grounds, but many never complete the journey. Deep sea mining, overfishing, and entangled fishing gear are just a few of the perils they face on their treacherous swim. Abuses like these regularly go unchecked in the high seas that cover nearly half of our Planet. The high seas are a no man’s land—vast open ocean areas beyond any national territory—with few regulations and fewer consequences. We cannot save our ocean unless we protect marine life on the high seas. There’s never been a more urgent time to safeguard our ocean and the diverse marine life on the high seas. A new, legally binding treaty to protect marine biological diversity is critically needed. Now’s the time for urgent action. To create the most significant public outcry possible, we’re joining together with more than 25 like-minded organizations to show the collective strength of our Voice for the Planet and create the most considerable action for nature we have yet seen. Pledge to stand with The Global Fund for Humanity to call to protect the high seas. If we don’t take action now, the costs will likely be catastrophic.
Help Save Our Oceans Fund

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