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Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month Fund

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Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month, celebrated from September 15th to October 15th, is a time to honor the rich cultures, traditions, and contributions of Hispanic and Latinx communities around the world. In recognition of this important month, a fund has been established for 2023 to support initiatives that promote and preserve Hispanic/Latinx heritage. The fund aims to provide financial assistance to organizations and individuals working on projects that highlight the diverse histories, art, music, literature, and achievements of Hispanic/Latinx people. This funding will enable the creation of educational programs, cultural events, exhibitions, and performances that celebrate the vibrant heritage and create opportunities for greater understanding and appreciation of the Hispanic/Latinx community. By investing in this fund, we are not only supporting the present but also ensuring the preservation of these invaluable cultural legacies for future generations.
Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month Fund

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