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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), a historic achievement for the global human rights movement, was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly on December 10, 1948. The UDHR serves as a guideline for human rights that should be universally protected amongst all nations, and has inspired significant progress in the fight for human rights on a global scale since its adoption. International Human Rights Day is recognized globally on December 10th, as the movement for human rights remains underway. Your donation to this Fund will help support the selected organizations continue to fight for human rights globally in order to ensure that fundamental human rights are recognized and protected across the world.

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Amnesty International USA

Our vision is of a world in which every person – regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity – enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and other internationally recognized human rights standards. The UDHR states that the "the recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights" of all people is "the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world."

Fund for Global Human Rights

The Fund for Global Human Rights equips grassroots activists across the globe with the financial and strategic support they need to improve lives, mobilize movements, and build a better future for their communities. Since 2002, the Fund has raised and invested over $100 million into the work of community activists in more than 25 countries, providing these bold local leaders with the funding, tools, and contacts they need to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges. As a result, millions of people worldwide now have access to basic resources and opportunities to participate fully and equally in society.

Human Rights First

We work to create a just world in which every person’s intrinsic human rights are respected and protected, to build societies that value and invest in all their people. To reach that goal demands assisting victims of injustice, bringing perpetrators of abuse to justice, and building institutions that ensure universal rights. The pursuit of justice at home and around the world is a core interest of the United States. While it is an imperfect nation with a history and current reality that fall short of true justice, America’s pursuit of that ideal at home and abroad matters deeply in the lives of billions of people around the world.We see our role as spurring Americans and our institutions into action in four areas where there are serious and growing challenges: resurgent authoritarianism; extremism; systemic injustice; and the abuse of technology. We use our expertise and partner with skilled elements of American society to expand accountability, curb repression, and support human rights defenders in the United States and around the world. Concurrently, we are working to broaden and deepen support for real, sustained, systemic justice in American society so that it is the primary issue in our national discourse and main driver of every decision. Human Rights First is a nonprofit, nonpartisan international human rights organization based in New York, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles.

International Human Rights Day Fund

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