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Hurricane Laura Disaster Relief & Recovery Fund


Hurricane Laura, classified as a Category 4 Hurricane, made landfall in Louisiana in the early morning hours of Thursday, August 27. With wind speeds of up to 150 mph, the storm has already resulted in widespread damage to the region, as well as dangerous flash floods, power outages, and the potential for tornadoes in the surrounding states. The last time there was a storm of this magnitude was more than 100 years ago. Simultaneously, COVID-19 cases continue to be on the rise in Texas and Louisiana. Bright Funds has established The 2020 Hurricane Laura Disaster Relief & Recovery Fund to support the communities impacted by the storm. This Fund includes pre-vetted nonprofits providing emergency response in the region. Through a single donation to the Fund, you can support multiple organizations' initiatives to provide short-term and long-term response and recovery. We have initially selected organizations that are working to provide immediate relief; the composition of the nonprofits in this Fund are subject to change as we learn more about the needs on the ground.

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Project HOPE - The People-to-People Health Foundation, Inc.

Project HOPE's Emergency Response Team is on the ground working with communities and community health systems in storm-affected areas, as well as in locations hosting displaced families. In partnership with Business Roundtable and Healthcare Ready, Project HOPE is mobilizing a shipment of 100,500 surgical masks that will be donated to the State of Louisiana to support their COVID-19 infection prevention efforts in the wake of the storm. Additionally, 2,250 hygiene kits have been delivered to families in Houston who are displaced by the storm. Project HOPE's Emergency Response Team and medical volunteers are working with safety net clinics to identify needs and ways to best support their response and recovery.

World Central Kitchen, Inc.

Founded in 2010 by Chef Jose Andres, World Central Kitchen (WCK) uses the power of food to heal and strengthen communities through times of crisis and beyond. WCK has transformed the field of disaster response to help devastated communities recover and establish resilient food systems. WCK is stationed in parts of Louisiana and Texas, and will be ready to adapt and support those in need of a plate of food in the days ahead. Working with first responders, WCK will ensure anyone in need of food is taken care of.

Center For Disaster Philanthropy

Disaster and emergency resources are already stretched thin as a result of COVID-19. The pandemic is making evacuation, traditional response efforts such as food and shelter, and support for vulnerable populations such as the elderly and those with disabilities more challenging. The CDP Atlantic Hurricane Season Recovery Fund has a focus on medium- and long-term recovery from these storms. This includes rebuilding homes and livelihoods, meeting the needs of more vulnerable populations, supporting mental health services and addressing other urgent challenges identified by the affected communities that arise as recovery efforts progress. Our expert staff, in consultation with local stakeholders and recovery experts, identifies specific unmet recovery needs and funding gaps in each community. The Fund will explore investing in all geographic areas affected by this season’s Atlantic hurricanes.

Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon is a disaster relief organization founded by veterans that mobilizes veterans, first responders, and civilians to serve communities in need, leveraging their skills and experience to help people prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural disasters and humanitarian crises. Two days before landfall, disaster relief non-profit Team Rubicon began preparing people and equipment to deploy in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Laura—including pre-staging equipment near Lafayette—in order to be able to assist with route clearance immediately after the storm. Additionally, Team Rubicon had five reconnaissance teams prepared to deploy for immediate evaluation of areas from Houston, TX to Lake Charles, LA and beyond. Disaster relief volunteers already clustered throughout the southeast are on call to deploy for disaster relief services in the days after the hurricane.

Hurricane Laura Disaster Relief & Recovery Fund

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