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A unique fund made up of five international organizations that serve different aspects of the LGBTQIA+ community all over the globe.

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Freedom Fund Network Inc

The LGBTQ Freedom Fund pays bail to secure the safety and liberty of low-income individuals in U.S. jails and immigration facilities. In tandem, we raise awareness of the criminalization of LGBTQ folks, who are three times more likely to be incarcerated than non-LGBTQ individuals. Because of whom they love and gender identity, a tangle of discrimination and poverty disproportionately puts LGBTQ people behind bars, and the impact is felt most acutely by transgender, brown, and black individuals.

The Switchboard

To support the wellbeing of the LGBT+ community across Ireland by offering confidential and
emotional support via phone, email, online chat and peer led groups. Were also committed
to starting discussion about, and developing community responses to, issues facing LGBT+

Gendercool Project

GenderCool is a youth-led movement replacing misinformed opinions with positive, powerful experiences meeting remarkable young people who identify as transgender and non-binary and are thriving.

Pride Bands Alliance

The purpose of Pride Bands Alliance is to promote LGBTQ+ Music, Visibility, and Pride for all by:*Providing an international network of LGBTQ+ and affirming bands in all stages of development;*Promoting music as a medium of communication among people;*Improving the quality of artistic and organizational aspects of member bands; and*Stimulating public interest in the unique art form of community bands in our culture for all.

Senior Rainbow Assistance Program

Our vision is to provide LGBTQ seniors with the support they need to remain safe, warm and healthy at a time of most need. Our mission to provide temporary financial assistance for LGBTQ seniors experiencing temporary hardships due to medical or financial concerns to ensure they can maintain their current living arrangements that safe, warm and healthy.

Pride23 Fund

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