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Puerto Rico Disaster Response and Recovery Fund


Bright Funds has established the Puerto Rico Disaster Response and Recovery Fund to support Puerto Ricans who face a humanitarian crisis in the aftermath of both Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. This Fund is comprised of pre-vetted nonprofits providing emergency disaster response on the island. Through a single donation to the Fund, you can support multiple organizations’ initiatives to provide short-term and long-term response and recovery. We have initially selected organizations that are on the ground assisting with immediate relief needs, including rescue efforts and medical assistance. The composition of nonprofits in this Fund is subject to change as we learn more about the needs on the ground.

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Their emergency team is operating out of San Juan and partnering with the Department of Health and the Puerto Rico Primary Care Association to conduct needs and damage assessments throughout the region.They noted that the need is tremendous down south. Americares is currently preparing future shipments of insecticide treated bed nets, water purification treatments, IV fluids to treat dehydration and Benedryl in response to swarms of bees causing allergic reactions, in addition to the one arriving in Puerto Rico this weekend, which are expected to be distributed throughout the southern region. Americares is developing a strategy to provide disaster-focused mental health and psychosocial support training for health workers so they can better screen patients for post-disaster mental health needs and also better manage their own care.


NetHope and their technology partners have joined forces to help restore connectivity to Puerto Rico. NetHope has shipped over six tons of equipment from their staging area in Miami to San Juan airport, where it will be distributed to locations where the need is most acute. NetHope's focus is on providing essential rapidly deployable communications solutions while working with mobile network operators and internet service providers to restore services for the long term.

Habitat for Humanity International

Habitat for Humanity Puerto Rico has been distributing 2,000 shelter repair kits in communities across the island. The tools and supplies inside the kits are helping families make critical repairs to their homes. Construction and long-term delivery plans will be determined after their evaluations.

Save the Children

Save the Children's emergency response team is on the ground in Puerto Rico, working with partners to help children and their families recover and eventually rebuild. They are helping families meet their basic needs, and working with local partners to help get children back into school. Team members have distributed much-needed materials to displaced children and their families, such as tarp, diapers, baby wipes and soap, as well as materials to create safe spaces for children in emergency shelters.

Puerto Rico Disaster Response and Recovery Fund

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