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"The Gift of Hope" for Elderly People in Need in Bulgaria Fund


The campaign is aimed at lonely elderly and seriously ill individuals who are in need of shelter and support. We believe that in addition to financial assistance to meet their basic needs, they also require attention, care, and a touch of kindness. "The Gift of Hope" is an annual campaign with activities including: - Purchasing medicines, consumables, food, clothing, and other essentials. - Providing assistance with institutions such as social services, municipality, hospitals, and others. - Assisting in realizing various rights of individuals - legal, social, medical, etc. - Monthly personal visits to their homes. - Maintaining constant contact to build a genuine and personal connection. - Locating individuals who are significant to the elderly. - Upon request from the elderly individuals, providing assistance in finding accommodation in social institutions. - When needed, hiring personnel for hourly service - assistance with personal and household hygiene.

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"The Gift of Hope" for Elderly People in Need in Bulgaria Fund

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