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True Love for Special Need Families , otherwise known as “True Love”, is a non-profit organization focus on providing love and support to kids with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Under the leadership of Kelly Shen along with the collective effort of other families affected by autism, they created True Love. The core values of True Love are to: a. Bring attention to special needs individuals in the Chinese American community; Increase the recognition, understanding and support of the challenges faced by children with special needs and their families. b. Build a social platform for these children and their families so that we can face these challenges together and grow as a community. At the same time, we seek to gather funds to support these families financially and emotionally. c. Provide scholarships along with volunteering and job opportunities for people who want to help special needs children. The organization will also provide medical assistance to Chinese communities. d. Develop a comprehensive living community for those with special needs to provide a place for them to work, socialize and live in for the rest of their lives by partnering with other organizations or companies. e. Increase communication between Chinese autism organizations, American autism organizations, and mainstream American society.
True Love for Hope Fund

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