Friends of The Earth Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee

Friends of The Earth Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee

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9 Upper Mount Street, , , , Dublin, Republic of Ireland, IE

The main object for which Friends of the Earth is established is to achieve a just world where people and nature thrive. We will do this by campaigning and building people power through activities such as research and policy development, participatory education such as global citizenship education, education for sustainable development and development education, peer support and skills training, networking with community and grassroots groups and building coalitions of civil society organizations, media engagement, advocacy, digital campaigning and supporting active citizenship.

These activities will be based in and focused on Ireland, but Friends of the Earth will also collaborate with sister organisations in the Friends of the Earth Europe network and the Friends of the Earth International federation in furtherance of this main object.

The benefit to the community will be through the advancement of environmental sustainability and global justice, the promotion of civic responsibility, voluntary work and community development, and the protection of the natural environment.

Unique Identification

Other purpose that is of benefit to the community; Advancement of community development, including rural or urban regeneration; Promotion of civic responsibility or voluntary work; Protection of the natural environment; Advancement of environmental sustainability