Women for Women

Women for Women

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PO Box 31167, Greenville, NC, 27833, US

Our mission is to give hope, change and a brighter future for the women and girls of Pitt County, North Carolina. Our organization was founded in 2005, to become effective philanthropists through the power of giving. Our funding priority is to give to other non-profit programs that support our mission by (1) achieving economic self-sufficiency for women; (2) preventing violence against women and girls; and (3) promoting of health and physical, emotional and spiritual well-being for women and girls within Pitt County.

Women for Women

Naše cíle
- stabilizace sociální a finanční situace klientky
- posílení vlastních sil a schopností klientky, které povedou k navrácení se k běžnému způsobu života
- celková podpora matek s dětmi při zvládání těžkých životních situací

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