Ali's Story

Uphold Human Rights FundDadaab, Kenya
June 06, 2013

Center for Victims of Torture

When CVT counselors met Ali, he was hiding behind a tree.
Ali (not his real name) had fled his home after a forced amputation, making his way to the Dadaab refugee camps in northern Kenya. Living in fear, he would not leave his home. CVT counselors in Dadaab, Kenya got to know Ali and told him about CVT's work. Ali agreed to visit CVT’s healing center in Dadaab. He took part in counseling, and sometimes between sessions, he would visit the center just to sit in the garden.

One day, after visiting the garden, Ali announced, “I am going out for a walk.” It was a moving moment for CVT staff, who were witnessing the resilience and strength of the human spirit. Not long after that, when CVT counselors visited him at home, he wasn’t there. He had gone to the market.

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